Terahertz Gua Sha

  • Terahertz Eye Mask
  • Terahertz Eye Mask
  • Terahertz Eye Mask
  • Terahertz Eye Mask

Terahertz Eye Mask

  • Natural Stone Cooling Eye Care Tool

            about 18*9.5cm

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Terahertz efficacy

1. accelerate cell growth: terahertz is a new, has many unique advantages of the radiation source, can be through the far infrared can penetrate the human skin. This can play a role in the treatment of disease. Terahertz can also act on local cells to accelerate cell growth, thereby slowing down the effects of aging.

2. Treatment of arthritis: the use of terahertz treatment has relatively small side effects on the human body. If patients experience joint pain, local swelling and other arthritic reactions, they need to seek medical attention at this time and can be treated in this way. Terahertz can quickly into the muscle, into the blood, to play the effect of cold and dampness.

Terahertz effect

1. Dredge the meridians: terahertz can penetrate the body and reach the meridians. Therefore, it has the effect of improving the magnetic field of the human body, opening up the meridians in the body and stimulating the meridian energy.

2. Promote blood circulation: In addition, the technology can also treat osteoporosis, femoral necrosis and other conditions, can promote blood circulation and play a role in curing dampness.



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